Atlanta 12-Step Meetings For Sex Addiction
"If we are pain-
staking about
this phase of our development, we
will be amazed
before we are
halfway through."

          From The A.A. "Big Book" 
          (the basis of  all 12-step                              programs)

This website  provides information
about 12-Step support groups for sex addiction in the Atlanta area.

This site provides a list of 12-step support groups in the Atlanta area for people who are struggling with sexual behavior that feels out of control.

Each meeting lists a contact person who can be reached for more specific information.

Please contact the site administrator with any corrections to any of these listings.

NOTE: This site no longer includes meeting information about Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) due to their discrimination against same-sex relationships. 

Good luck in your recovery and remember that "it works if you work it"!

SAA’s Fall Recovery Day is Saturday, October 6th!

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Register before Sept. 15th and save.

Online registration available on Georgia SAA Intergroup’s website:


Spouses, partners, family, therapists, clergy, and others are welcome.


For further info call Steve G. @ (404) 565-4613 or email


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