Atlanta 12-Step Meetings For Sex Addiction
"If we are pain-
staking about
this phase of our development, we
will be amazed
before we are
halfway through."

          From The A.A. "Big Book" 
          (the basis of  all 12-step                              programs)

This website  provides information
about 12-Step support groups for sex addiction in the Atlanta area.

This site provides a list of 12-step support groups in the Atlanta area for people who are struggling with sexual behavior that feels out of control.

Each meeting lists a contact person who can be reached for more specific information.

Please note that the 12-step fellowship
Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) maintains its own separate website.  Any SA meeting information on this site should be confirmed through the official SA Atlanta website.

Please contact the site administrator with any corrections to any of these listings.


Note: women's-only SAA meeting now being held in Marietta
on Wednesday evenings (see meeting list for details).


Good luck in your recovery and remember that "it works if you work it"!

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